The Week in Words (Nov. 19)

We’ve all had those days where the world seems to be conspiring against us. I’ve had a few of those lately—and they culminated in some tears on Saturday.

My immune system is seemingly MIA, and I can’t kick this latest cold.

My face has rebelled against me and been red, blotchy, irritated, tight, and painful this week. (And it’s never like that.)

I want to get in strengthening workouts, but don’t have the same oomph I did just a few weeks ago. 

I have too much work on my plate through the end of the year and not enough time to complete it all, leaving me overwhelmed.

It’s been crazy, y’all.

But during the middle of a terribly-awful-no-good-very-bad-football-game Saturday, I followed through on the commitment I’d made to myself and went to church. And the sermon smacked me in the face.

You see, as Pastor Rosser spoke of—even on days where nothing seems to go right, there’s something to be thankful for. No matter what you’re walking through, God is walking with you.

So, this week, I’m gonna do something a little different with most of this space. I’m starting a list of things I’m thankful for—and even after I publish this blog on Monday morning, I’m going to keep adding to it.

  • A God who walks beside me—and in front of me to pave the way
  • My mama, whose company I enjoy more and more every year and whose presence is soothing to my soul
  • My dad, who pushes my buttons and irritates the hades out of me, but is also my best friend and the person I want to share everything with
  • My sister, who’s one of my best friends and one of the biggest blessings in my life
  • Adeline Rebecca, the single biggest blessing in my life
  • Lazy Sunday mornings in bed reading the newspaper and watching CBS Sunday Morning
  • The ability to push my body to do new things, lift heavier weights, run faster speeds
  • The trainer who encourages (OK, coaxes) me to do that ^^
  • Medications and supplements to heal and boost our health
  • Entire loads of laundry consisting of nothing but workout clothes
  • Single-serve containers of cottage cheese with pineapple and peach in them
  • Turkey enchilada casserole
  • Seeing the world through Addie’s eyes
  • the Lady Vols & and basketball season
  • A soul sister in Laura Jane Walker who will listen to everything that’s on my heart and offer me back compassion and genuine friendship
  • A best friend of 30+ years in Jennifer Engelken & small bits of time to enjoy her company
  • An auntie who’s become a much bigger presence in my life this past year…and who’s always there to encourage me and love on me
  • Dr. Teal’s epsom salt body wash, body oil, and bath salts
  • Bath & Body Works candles
  • The last second of a wall sit
  • A love of trying new baking recipes & eating the results
  • A sharp eye for detail and a love of reading, both of which help me daily in my work
  • My mountains
  • The freedom of self-employment and setting my own schedule
  • Time with the girls
  • Seeing the joy of Christmas through the eyes of a 2-year-old
  • Feeling appreciated and valued
  • Leggings…I’m thinking these might be a staple of my wardrobe this winter
  • Hikes in the mountains with my mama
  • Meals cooked by my dad

I want to know what YOU are thankful for! Let me know in the blog comments or share in a comment on social media. Really—I want to hear from you!!

Best bite

Each week, I’ll drop in a pic and description of my favorite sip or bite—and a recommendation, too!

This past week, I’ve tried to reign back in what I was eating for a bit before the holidays. So while all of it tasted pretty good, there was nothing really “best bite” worthy! Same old, same old.

Favorite Reads

I finally finished up To Shake the Sleeping Self. I didn’t read this at my normal pace—honestly, I wasn’t as committed to reading an actual book the last few weeks. But it was a good book and an honest wrestling with faith, fears, and life.

Also just finished Nicholas Sparks’ Every Breath yesterday at the gym. I ended up loving this one, even though it was slow-going at first. And there was a major plot twist near the end that left me standing open-mouthed in the gym the other day. Good stuff, y’all.

Eagerly anticipating starting my newest audiobook on the trip home this week—Michelle Obama’s Becoming. I pre-ordered this one and chose the audiobook over the hardback once I realized she reads the book herself. Can’t wait!

Auntie’s baby

Now surely, you didn’t think I’d create a blog without my baby love in it, right?!


Questions I’m pondering…

These things are on my mind—if you know the answer, please share! Sometimes these will be light-hearted, other times they will not.

  • Why are there some things in life you can still feel years later, just as if you were reliving the moment?
  • Why can’t my football team find five offensive linemen who know that the purpose of offensive linemen is to protect the quarterback? (I mean…seriously!)

Quote of the week


Wrapping things up

The holidays aren’t a happy time for everyone. And even those who put on a happy face and a cheerful outward appearance may be dealing with hurts hiding inside.

So this holiday season, starting this week with Thanksgiving, I urge you to think about those who are without—who are lonely, who don’t have family, who don’t have everyday necessities. Think about those who are hurting—who may feel as though no one understands.

Do what you can to help. Have compassion when you’re dealing with others. And lift others up in prayer, because you never truly know what someone is battling.

See you next week.


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