The Week in Words (August 20)

What is my purpose?

It’s a question I’ve pondered a lot over the past few years since I lost my dream job and stepped into an entirely different career path than I’d envisioned.

I’m fully immersed these days in a freelance life that’s better than any 9 to 5 job could ever be. But it’s still a question on my mind.

And it’s not just about work—it’s a question I have about life.

So, little did I know, but the me of 2012 had a message for the me of 2018:


Maybe I’ve known the answer all along. Maybe my purpose is to love deeply, put my heart into my work, treat everyone with kindness, possess an intense loyalty, and stand up for what’s right.


That’s a thought I’ll sit with for a while.

Best bite

Each week, I’ll drop in a pic and description of my favorite sip or bite—and a recommendation, too!


This isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing pasta dish I’ve eaten, but it is among the most tasty. Mom and I are on a girls’ trip to Nashville, and we had dinner at Demos’ Restaurant tonight in downtown.

On the right is their baked chicken soup—and on the left is the blackened chicken pasta. Both were yum.

Favorite Reads

This past week, I finished Two If By Sea by Jacquelyn Mitchard. It wasn’t a book you could speed-read through, so I had to slow down and read it in chunks. Was pretty compelling though, and overall, I really enjoyed it.

On the drive over to Nashville today, I dove in to The Map That Leads to You by J.P. Monninger. It’s an easy read so far and I’m a fan of his wording, so I think I’ll like this book.

My current audiobook is Sing, Unburied, Sing by Jesmyn Ward. I started into it while walking earlier this week, then listened to a bigger segment while driving from Chatt to the Smokies. It switches back and forth between narrators, which is something I love. Looking forward to hearing more when I drive back to Chatt next week.

Auntie’s baby

Now surely, you didn’t think I’d create a blog without my baby love in it, right?!


This week we have TWO Addie pics, because why not?!

The first one is sweet girl in the Disney Store, discovering all sorts of goodies that delighted her. Check out her new Minnie Mouse purse!


And pic two—Y’all, that shirt says: “Mama’s sassy. Nana’s sassy. Auntie’s sassy. I’m in training. Dad’s in trouble.”

Truth. 😂

Questions I’m pondering…

These things are on my mind—if you know the answer, please share! Sometimes these will be light-hearted, other times they will not.

  • Aren’t the best stories out there often about people who are getting second chances to succeed? There’s just something about a chance at redemption after you’ve been down or been wronged. (Read up on A.J. Johnson for the reason why I’m pondering that question these days!)
  • Is it football season yet???
  • How do you handle work you dread? Projects you know you’re capable of, but that just freak you out?

Quote of the week


Wrapping things up

This is way longer than what I’d usually put in this space, but I shared it on this date a year ago—and the sentiment is still so fitting.

I lost two of my best friends from high school way too young—one at age 26 and one at age 35. Because of them, my mantra is to never take a day for granted, because you never know if you’ll see tomorrow.

This fits right in with that…

In your honor, I will wear sunscreen. Even when it’s cloudy. Even when I’m in a hurry. Even I think a little color on my cheeks would be nice.

In your honor, I will smile at those with no smile because I don’t know what battle they’re facing today.

In your honor, I will say yes to gumballs and to holding that big, fat toad that will probably pee on my hand. Because these things make my kids happy—and one day they will remember I said yes to gumballs and toads.

In your honor, I will buy the pretty undergarments on the same day I say, “Yes, I’ll take extra hot fudge.”

In your honor, I will always reach for a hug—even when we’re running late, even when my hands are full, even when it might leave syrup on my shirt.

In your honor, I will take the scenic route. I will take a stand. I will take a chance if it’s something worth fighting for.

In your honor, I will slide my hand beneath the covers until I find my husband’s hand. Not for any reason, just because he’s there—thank goodness, just because he’s there.

In your honor, I will carry spare change just in case I see that man on the corner of Clairmont and 30th with a sign that says, “Can you spare some change?”
Because I always have a little hope to spare.

In your honor, I will schedule my mammogram and dermatologist appointments. And I will pester my friends to do the same.

In your honor, I will say, “I am sorry”… even when it’s difficult to say … even when I think the other person should say it first.

In your honor, I will sing in the car. I will sing in the shower. Even though it sounds unpleasant. Even though I don’t know the words. I will sing.

In your honor, I will listen to my child’s heartbeat at bedtime. I will let her listen to mine. Even if she does it to stall going to sleep.

In your honor, I will pause for sunsets, goodbyes, and belly laughs. I will acknowledge such things are miracles. Everyday miracles.

In your honor, I will stop prefacing sentences with, “When I lose 10 pounds,” and “When I’m not so busy.”

In your honor, I will live life now, not “someday.”

In your honor, I will wear sunscreen.

In your honor, I will not let life pass me by.

© Rachel Macy Stafford 2013

See you next week.


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