The Week in Words

I have one of those flip-a-page calendars in my bathroom. Each day, I flip the page to a new motivational quote that usually makes me think.

When I flipped the page on Saturday morning, the weekend’s quote said: “Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.”

I’ve spent a good bit of time since then thinking about those words—and what I’d like to say here about them.

Today, I’m going to be real. Real real.

The last year has not been a happy one for me. There have been few days where I have been truly joyful, and those days are usually spent with my loved ones.

Lonely. Sad. Unhappy. Anxious. Worried. Numb. Been there, done that. Still am.

I feel often that I’m not living life. I’m just going through the motions. So this weekend’s quote hit me right in the feels.

I’m not enjoying life. I’m just enduring it.

I’m not sure why I’m sharing this. I guess typing the words is therapeutic. And I want others to know that if you’re going through a season of unhappiness, you are not alone.

Now enough of the hard stuff…

Best bite

Each week, I’ll drop in a pic and description of my favorite sip or bite—and a recommendation, too!


From pizza to…cottage cheese?

So, I like cottage cheese. But I like my cottage cheese with salt on it and as a side with dinner. (Yes, I know it already has plenty of sodium, but still…)

But recently I read about this brand of single-serve cottage cheese with fruit that packed a mega dose of protein—so I thought I’d give it a try.

My Walmart didn’t have that brand, but they did have this one. And after a few bites, I was hooked. It’s almost like Greek yogurt, but with a different texture. And it’s good for me! Win-win.

Favorite Reads

I tried to start Pat Conroy’s “South of Broad.” But two chapters in, I wasn’t “hooked.”

So I veered to a new purchase—Emily Giffin’s “All We Ever Wanted.” I spent most of yesterday reading, and it’s a good one so far!

I finished up the audiobook I was listening to and started in on “The Alice Network: A Novel.” I’m a few chapters in, and it’s caught my interest.

I also had a few different articles that struck me this week for one reason or another:

Auntie’s baby

Now surely, you didn’t think I’d create a blog without my baby love in it, right?!


Questions I’m pondering…

These things are on my mind—if you know the answer, please share! Sometimes these will be light-hearted, other times they will not.

  • Why does time pass SO slow when we’re young, but SO fast when we’re older?
  • Why does time pass SO slow when you’re doing an exercise, but SO fast when you’re getting a break between reps? (I mean, seriously, it’s insane!)
  • Why are political campaigns SO broken and gross and off-putting? I never have—and never will—decided to vote for a candidate based on a campaign ad. But I very nearly crossed over to a Republican primary ballot the other day to vote against Diane Black. (If you’re in Tennessee, you understand!)

Quote of the week


Wrapping things up

I’ve been pleasantly surprised that people actually read what I write. And pleasantly surprised to realize that I’m enjoying writing this each week. Thanks for listening.

See you next week.


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